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I like Grenoble. Judging by the statue that they have made of me (see above) they like me too. I think a painting would have been adequate personally.

I went to the local park last night to watch a band or 2 . It was a national festival of music which is a brilliant idea that the UK should follow. Free music in public spaces. What festivals USED to be like, eh Mr Eavis. Sadly, in true Glastonbury style the heavens opened and the open stage was flooded. I heard 3/4 of a song!

Today I went to the Grenoble museum and enjoyed 2 hours in the art gallery looking at some amazing work as well as some total cak that only pseudo intellectual burkes could even begin to explain. I am going to add an unprecedented third picture by way of example.


There were however some beautiful paintings and sculptures and i really enjoyed the gallery.

So I head off tomorrow. First thing I have some minor dental torture to endure then off I go. I’m camping tomorrow night, not sure where, I plan to find a bush to hide in near St Georges de Commieres.

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