Grenoble to le Buya



Today began in a somewhat undesirable manner. I had to race across Grenoble to see the dentist. I have to say however that it was far from unpleasant. A very kind and proficient practitioner who saw me immediately and was merciful with my delicate chops.

I left Grenoble about 1000 and walked along a riverside path. Sadly this stopped abruptly at some kind of military installation. I was left with no alternative but to join a main road to head east. This was minus fun as the cars zoomed by in the rain.

I escaped the busy section through an industrial park. On the b side of this I found a nice cafe where a kind man paid for my coffee after seeing the walk info on my bag (thanks again to Bluestone Branding in Starbeck).

The rain stopped and I raided a cherry tree that was near the road. The day was definitely improving all the time. I was walking well. I found myself thinking of my preparation and the help I received from Francesca and Jonathan at Gambaru. My bracelet hasn’t been off since I started. This adds to my silly tan but reminds me about my friends who have helped me and their philosophy of doing the best that you can do every day.

I made it to St Georges de commieres where i was going to camp. There was nowhere to pitch near here so I carried on. After a couple more places i was a little worried as i was chasing the sun. Then I met my saviour. Jean Baptiste had seen the back pack cover and very kindly wanted to help. I walked to his home and met Sophie and Patrice. The four of us chatted as we ate. It was so nice to sit and talk to these 3 kind and generous people. I am now in my tent on the lawn next to their home. Once again I find myself reflecting on how this walk has reaffirmed my faith in people. I never lost it anyway but it is stronger now than ever.

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