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Our lovely hosts Rory & Vicki looked after us like kings and at the end of the evening they offered to let us leave the bikes at their house while we visited the Grand Canyon. Rory kindly took us to the airport to pick up the hire car for our trip on our day off from cycling. 

We drove 3 hours to Jacobs lake, pitched the tent and then carried on the remaining 42 miles to the North rim to watch the sun go down. I said to Tracey that at Yosemite we saw them pat amazing things going up and at the Grand Canyon we saw the most amazing going down. It is a truly beautiful place. It’s enormity justifies the now devalued word awesome.

Once the sun had set we slowly left the park as there were many beautiful deer about. We returned to our tent about 2200 and settled for the night. 

The next day we visited the North Rim again to see it during the day. 

We left the park about 1300 and drive back to Cedar City. Our amazing friend Rory was waiting at the car drop office to pick us up and take us back to the house. 

At Rory and Vicki’s we had an amazing dinner along with their friends Dana and Connie. Dana cycled across the US with his daughter McKaylie on a tandem and his stories were both fascinating and funny. Check out his blog HERE.

We said goodnight to Rory & Vicki after a quick photo with these two very special people.

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