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EMC 85 2014-12-08 - Version 2

I am now waiting for the UN helicopter pick up to take me down to Freetown. I will leave Freetown about 0200 tomorrow morning on the flight to Amsterdam.

This has been a truly remarkable month. I have been surrounded by astounding National Staff who have worked without a break for 6 months and Expats who welcomed me and made me part of their inspirational team.

I have met patients who have lost their battle with Ebola and I have grieved for them. Their faces stay with me and will do forever. I have also seen hope. Discharged cured patients whose life begins again after this terrible disease.

I celebrate the fact that Medecins Sans Frontieres exists and I revel in the pride that I have worn their T-shirt.

If I have can take one lesson from this mission it is not an original one in any way. It is that life is so precious and so fragile. The human spirit is however robust and enduring.

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