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So, a nice relaxing day in Girona. It’s raining now which is as good a reason as any to sit in la Terra bar and drink the locally brewed Moska beer. The fact that they also do a slick line in vegan burgers is also a plus. That the waitress is extremely nice and very friendly is purely incidental. There are worse ways to spend a rainy afternoon.

I went to the Jewish museum earlier which was very interesting. Thought provoking too.

I leave here tomorrow and could use 3 days of dry weather to see me into Barcelona.

Earlier I spoke to my pal Alessandro who lives In Barca, I am looking forward to seeing him. The last time was in Kampala sitting up all night awaiting my departure to the airport. Just a day or 2 before we were in a car in the middle of a riot – full CS gas type thing. I’m hoping our reunion will be a little more sedate! Think on No1!

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