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Above you will note a smirking idiot pleased with himself as about to cross the border into Switzerland.

I can see snow on top of the mountains today as it is a little clearer. A beautiful sight. I passed signs for CERN where they are playing with their atoms and then into the Pregny area of Geneva with its embassies.

Soon i passed the UN and UNICEF. I find the fancy buildings housing these organisations quite repulsive. The money spent on comfy offices could change a lot of lives. I also feel that organisations that surround themselves in luxury are making a great mistake. People can see how they look after themselves first and it must have a negative effect on peoples willingness to support them financially. This doesnt apply to the UN of course as they get the money for their luxury from governments as far as im aware. I was pleased to see that the MSF office is a more modest affair. Ill be calling there tomorrow.

Geneva is a ridiculously expensive city which makes me even more grateful to Genevieve for arranging for me to stay with her friends Gerry and Evelynn. i am in the centre now waiting to meet them.

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