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Business day in Geneva, i had a few things to do before i head off tomorrow. First i visited the MSF office. I picked up my parcels and had a lovely chat with Marina thank you to her for being so welcoming.

The other photo is by lake Geneva and is once again a thank you to Premier Telecom for making it possible for me to keep this blog going.

I think Geneva is a very beautiful city, it can hardly fail with the backdrop it has. It is however expensive if you dont know where the secret places of value are hidden.

I now have the maps for the remainder of the walk. I will be back in france tomorrow.

Tonight i am going out with Gerry and Evelynn for a drink. I have to say that he is the most interesting man i have met in years. Stories of being lost in the sahara desert and having a jackal for a pet (the details are amazing) fascinated me into the early hours of this morning. I dont leave until tomorrow but would like to say thank you to a lovely couple for enhancing my journey. Its been an education.

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