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Today we are beginning stage two of Ride to the Rock for Médecins Sans Frontières from Geneva to Barcelona. At this point I would like to thank Ansell who were our stage one sponsors from Amsterdam to Geneva. Ansell have been magnificent supporters of this project from the very beginning and in fact way before the ride began. I would like to personally thank Paul Bryce for his friendship and advocacy for our fundraising as well as our lovely friends in Hull and Brussels most notably Mathilde who worked so hard for our arrival and presentation to the team. We have our Ansell ducks with us on the front of the bikes leading the way!

Todays Ride was hard due to some big climbs. I suspect I made a navigation error. Our friend Michel gave me a plan but I think I went wrong somewhere . It was however a glorious error. The views as we climbed were amazing and likely worth the fatigue!

I nearly fell off my bike in Geneva, we crossed some tram lines that were a little damp from the rain. I lost all grip and was extremely close to falling. I banged my elbow but was otherwise ok.

We came across the two bridges of Ponts de la Caille spanning the gorge of the Usses River on the route between Geneva and Annecy . They are amazing and scary see the photos. We crossed the 1839 inaugurated Charles Albert bridge and liked across at the currently used Caquot bridge dating from 1925. The bridges are about 140 metres above the Usses river – vertigo inducing and fascinating at the same time.

Onwards towards Anncey and the views just got more spectacular. The huge lac d’ Anncey is surrounded on all sides by the spectacular mountains of the Alps. It is truly awe inspiring.

We found a camp site easily on the way towards La Nubliere at the southern end of Lac d’ Anncey. We are up late writing the blog but want to keep connected to you. I will however close there and say a fiery tired goodnight and thank you all again.

Special md room to our friends Ralph and Judy who were married today. Love to you both.

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