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Huge thanks to the Staff of Elmwood Day Unit at Harrogate District Hospital. The lovely staff of the unit have descended into  an unbreakable gambling addiction (well, a world cup sweepstake) to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. £46 was raised as they chanced everything to help MSF. The whole unit now has the gamble aware hotline on speed dial and last we heard they were making slow but definite progress. I bet they will be fine by Christmas.

An ongoing fundraising effort is now underway in trust HQ. The lucky dwellers of floor 3 can buy the most succulent and tasty cakes ever made while donating to MSF. Stephanie Davis and Amanda Gillespie-Wilson you are fabulous. We will gauge the success of this fantastic fundraiser by the money raised and the abdominal girth of the staff.  I am hoping that the trust has to bulk purchase bariatric chairs by Autumn.

Thank you to all involved in these projects. This is exactly what Doctors Without Borders needs at the moment. The organisation is hugely stretched in Gaza, West Africa, DRC, The Central African Republic, South Sudan and Iraq as well as many other ongoing , less covered areas. The money that you donate keeps MSF active and able to help the most desperate people.

If you are able, please set up a small project to raise money. It doesn’t matter how much, it all counts, see my little picture below:



If you need any MSF resources or my help in any way contact me on [email protected] or via facebook.

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