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Norway Coat

So here it is, me and a wonderful group of people met at Major Toms today at 1200. Our plan was to have a quick drink and then take a few hundred flyers about the USA bike ride into town for distribution.

We spilt up about 1245, Tracey and Preston went to a spot near the Cenotaph and I went to the corner near Bettys. I took off my coat, draped it over a bollard and got on with the job of handing out flyers.  Things were great until about 1330 when Preston rushed up to me (as fast as Preston can rush at 120 years old) to say that there had been an accident and a young girl had been hit by a car. I immediately went to offer some help.

Fortunately the girl was okay and it was just a case of waiting a few minutes with her , her Mum , Tracey and some very kind Police Officers before handing over to Jamie & his colleague from Yorkshire Ambulance service.

When I got back to Bettys, sadly my coat had been taken. Ive had this coat since I bought it in Norway in 2007 when I worked on the ships but I decided that it was just a thing and to be philosophical about it. With that I wrote off the coat and returned to Major Toms.

Just a few minutes later Tracey came bounding over to tell me that she knew where my coat was! These lovely guys :


who are visiting from York had met her earlier and taken a flyer had spotted the coat near the Valley. Gardens.

Tracey and I ran to the entrance of the Gardens and there it was hung up and intact.

So there we have it. Serendipity at its best and a great day of getting the word out about MSF and the USA Bike Ride.

Thank you to our lovely team and to the kind people who cared enough to learn more about Médecins Sans Frontières.

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