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Base Last Day 2 2014-12-12

I arrived in Amsterdam at 1700 Sunday. I will be de-briefing in the office most of today and then heading home. I wanted to post a message now as I have finally been able to access a good internet connection and quite frankly I am blown away by all of the lovely messages and comments posted on FB et al.

I can easily become quite nauseating when talking about my gratitude to you all for your support and also about how I feel about MSF.  I have criticisms of the organisation. It is not perfect and makes no pretense to be so.  The best thing is that they welcome criticism and can see that it inspires innovation.

One thing for sure, the world would be a less kind place without MSF.

I have worked with people who are torn apart by the limitations of situations, their pain is distressing to witness but conversely inspiring in its very presence. They suffer because they want the very best for their patients.

The fight against Ebola in West Africa goes on. When it is over there is no doubt that another crisis will come to the fore. They are happening right now only the spotlight currently shines on Ebola.

The money that has been raised by this project has facilitated some vital interventions.    Two days ago I sat with my friend Anna and we gave a little girl Morphine to ease her suffering as her two year old life came to an end. This was a painful and tragic loss that will stay with us forever. You guys bought the morphine. Thank you.

I look forward to catching up with you soon back home or on emails. Thank you once more for caring enough to be the difference.


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