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Day 56

77 Miles narrowly avoiding pouring rain and a puncture to boot. 

A pic from yesterday but I like it a lot, thank you Julie who took it as they drove past us. 

I’m loving the US and as I have made abundantly clear how I appreciate the amazing generous people. I am minus loving the food however. Most of the time our only options are fried food in diners which for me is a nightmare. Telling people I am a vegan elicits a look like a dog being shown a card trick. 

After this mornings card trick we left French Lick on highway 56 heading to Madison. About 10 miles from our first break point Tracey’s back tyre went flat. This is the second time in two days. I can’t believe it’s the same problem as yesterday. First of all I checked the rim and tyre carefully after removing the wire and second we have since cycled about 50 miles. Anyway, I changed the tube once more and on we went to break in Salem.

Bloody wheels and punctures

We found a Thai place in the town which was great as I was able to talk to the chef and negotiate proper vegan food which was lovely. Well done Sue’s Thai Kitchen in Salem. 

We were enjoying our food when the heavens opened and a rain storm of biblical proportions began. We decided to wait it out for a while as the weather radar seems to show it passing over fairly soon. 

And the rain came down

It was a wise choice as we re-hit the road an hour later and stayed dry all the way to Madison.

We arrived in the lovely picturesque towns about 1920hrs. The 77 miles from today adds up to 366 miles in 5 days and we have decided to break for a day tomorrow. I’ll post some photos of this lovely town then. 

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