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These are my friends Simon and Laura from Austria. I met them last night on the campsite. I was setting up when Simon came over to see if I needed anything from the shops. They also offered me food and drink. They were lovely people. I had coffee with them this morning before I set off. We chatted for a while and looked over some maps. I set off at 0930 feeling all the better for having met 2 more wonderful people. Thank you both.

I walked to Arles first where a spectacular Roman amphitheatre held my attention for a good while. Sadly it is being used for the torture and killing of bulls that have had spears rammed into their bodies – for fun. Oh how we progress as a species.

I knew what was coming up when i left Arles – 4 hours on wide open roads with no settlements of note.

It was tough. In places the surface of the road is soft in the heat. I walked past a dead snake today – this makes camping still more exciting!

I pre-hydrate before walking on a morning and before stretches like this. still, I could have downed the 3 litres of water & ORS in the first hour if I hadn’t rationed myself.

I’ve spent time in the desert in Saudi and Kuwait as well of course in Africa. The heat I am loving now is every bit as intense. I think I had better consider leaving the kitchen!

I am just a few days from touching the Mediterranean coast proper near Montpellier. I am very close here but can’t quite see it. I will no doubt have a similarly childlike response to seeing it as I did when I first spotted Geneva. Ah, you have to mark progress somehow, why not with jumping up and down laughing like an idiot.

Why not indeed.

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