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Day 9
50 Miles hotter than the sun…. in summer
I think that if I am able to post over the next few days, there may be two recurring themes:
1. The Sun
2. Tarmac
We have been on highway 50 for a good few miles now and gradually the traffic is dying down. We are now at the stage where we see maybe 10 cars an hour but Im told this will decrease as we continue east.
After a nice chat and some great coffee left the home of our wonderful hosts Brad and Stacey who have been amazing company and genuinely kind and trusting people. Brad has even bought a copy of Ebola – Behind the mask!
We stopped for some breakfast in Fallon and also shopped for food for the next couple of days. We then rolled onto highway 50 and set off on the trip to Middlegate. You may think that cycling through the desert may be a little featureless, there is however a lot to see. There is a strange fascination in miles and miles of sand, scrub and salt flats and of course tarmac.
By 1400hrs it was roasting hot, its been about 32c today. The road shimmered in front of us and cars vanished into the haze after appearing to hover for a few moments.
It took us a long while to make it to Middlegate. We rolled down the hill and into the very welcome sight of Middlegate Station, drank gallons of water and lots of other things ad ate a hearty meal.
We are now relaxing and about to turn in for the night. We will be camping in the desert tomorrow night so it may be a couple of days before I post the next sections.


Thanks for following and watch this space!

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