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Hells teeth its been a tough un! A long walk, over 30km today and 99% of it on open road with no shade. Severe sense of humour failure at about 1500 when I actually passed the skeletal remains of some large mammal.

Also right, that place yesterday that was €17.50 didn’t even provide bog roll! Not that I’m one to go on about it. Add to that my sleeping roll punctured and it comes out at the lower end of my list of places to revisit.

I did pass through a lovely place called Mouries where a very kind barman filled my water pouch with ice and water. Heaven on earth.

I am in the campsite at Fontvielle now (€9 seen as you asked). I walk to St Gilles tomorrow where I have a hotel booked and a rest day Sunday.

A nice early start tomorrow so I get in with time to do jobs. Then I can relax.

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