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Day 14 

Ely to Baker 77 miles

An early start again, I think I’ll stop mentioning this as it’s the same every day. 

Out of the motel and onto a hill leading out of Ely. We liked this town, the rest was welcome, the food tasty and the cinema amazing. Not long down the road we met a cyclist. Gunnar, is a Swedish man who is on the road “till winter”. A nice guy who travels both basic and very light. He has cycled all over including extensively in South America. 

About 30 miles in we were pleased to arrive at Majors Junction where we planned to have something to eat and a coffee. The rather sullen woman behind the bar in the empty establishment told me they had neither food nor coffee. I asked her if she had a bottle of high end champagne chilled to 7c , sadly she failed again but I did get a smile. We settled for Diet Coke! 

Sitting outside the bar we watched as a sorry looking figure weaved towards us on a bike. Cursing and grumbling Jeff Shoemake from Houston Texas arrived. Poor Jeff was struggling with the headwind and was the opposite of happy on arrival. 

We invited him over for some grapes and nuts (traditional!) and zero coffee and other food (see above).

We chatted with Jeff a highly experienced cyclist for a while and then carried on down the road (a tailwind for us).

We arrived in Baker about 1630 enjoyed a coffee in a small cafe and then pressed on. We had decided to stay at a place called the Border Inn on the Nevada – Utah border. 

Sadly the motel wasn’t on the road we were travelling the next day. Even more sadly we didn’t realise this until we had cycled an extra 8 miles to the border. When we realised we were somewhat morose at the prospect of returning to Baker another 8 miles back along the road. 

With no choice  we rolled back to Baker and into the Whispering Elms campsite.

We pitched the tent and soon made friends with a lovely family from Salt Lake City who invited us to an astronomy talk and demo up in the nearby mountains. We were tired but decided it would be a positive way to end the day so we happily accepted this kind invitation.

A Ranger gave a superb presentation before we had a look through some high powered telescopes and saw the Moon, Jupiter  and Saturn all incredibly clearly. An excellent evening with lovely company. 

It was a windy night and I worried about the tent but eventually drifted off. A long day tomorrow. 84 miles to Milford with zero services on the way. 

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