Donations, Twittering and why I keep a stick at the front door

Donations have now reached an amazing £830. This is in just over a week and I am staggered. Thank you to everyone who has given their money and their trust to me. It makes a big difference to know that people have done this as I am sure I will have days when I feel things arent going so well on the walk and knowing that I owe so many people will stop me wallowing in self pity for long . Nowt like a good wallow mind .

I am about to enter the world of twittering. I have to say that prior to the walk plans getting off the ground I was reluctant to get into it as I was worried it was for the sad and lonely. I then realised I am single & live alone .I will be twittering soon !

I have everything just about in place for the talk  at Harrogate Hospital  1900 4 May. Great fear washes over me when I think about public speaking. When I was a kid I used to think how it would be to stand up in the assembly at school and shout F***.at the top of my voice. This probably means I need help and have done for some time. These days I worry about accidentally saying it during what should be a dignified and sensitive talk about MSF.

Finally the stick. Walking boots have deep tread. Theres a lot of dogs round here . Picture the scene and sleep well . Andy x

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