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I am about to press ‘Publish’ on what could be the biggest fundraising error I have made in 5 years. I am going to ask my friends to vote for the name of the Trans-US cycling project. You can read the plan for the ride (such as it is at the moment) in previous posts.

Feel free to add your own ideas to the poll.

To help, the ride will be from West to East with a start somewhere in the San Francisco area and a finish at the MSF Office in New York (after dipping a wheel in the Atlantic). I have added 99% of suggestions I was offered. The remaining 1% include “Twat on two wheels”,”Pedalling Pillock”, “Balding and Badly Chaffed”, “Veggie with a Wedgie”  ……. etc etc you get the idea. I do have to use this in publicity !!

Thank you for your help and may the best idea win.


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