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We left the national park this morning at about 0700hrs. I took my first compass bearing of the trip to get through a woodland to a road junction. I nailed it. Princes be proud!

The walk today was quite different to previous days . This was through woods and along cycle paths.

Small villages with people in cafe’s enjoying their Easter weekend broke up the woodland. The beautiful Dutch countryside opened up now and again between forested land and we were again out in the heat of the day. We now routinely add rehydration salts to the water supply and have been fine since Leerdam.

At one point we left some woods and walked past a big compound full of wallabies! now I dont claim to be any kind of expert on the indigenous mammals of western Europe but can
any Dutchmen (jj) please explain. Is this common?

We arrived in the beautiful city of Breda about 1830hrs and we are now in the great Market area having dinner and beer. A lively and fun place to be. I am therefore closing now as I’m going to have some of that fun!

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