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A lovely, fairly short cycle ride from Senlis into Paris. We had the choice of a direct 26 mile run in on some pretty big roads or a longer 39 mile ride into the city on a quieter route. We discussed options and decided to go direct . It’s a tricky one as the roads were minus fun to cycle on with fast cars and lorries zooming past and even an aerial assault on the Charles De Gaulle flight path.

North of Paris – scary!

We stopped for coffee in Louvres about 8 miles out of Paris and met two fantastic people Issy and Anthony. They chatted with us for about an hour. Issy told us about his life in Germany and we discussed our shared love of the Beatles. Anthony kindly educated me about and gave us some products from his shop. Spirulina was a totally new thing to me and I’m that bit wiser for this for this encounter. Take a look at Anthony’s shop HERE

Issy and Anthony- great guys.

Onwards to Paris and we arrived at the Hotel Roche at about 1300hrs to a wonderful greeting from our friends Andy & Marina. We met these beautiful people in Montenegro 5 years ago. They were planning a trip to France anyway so I worked with them to make it coincide with our arrival in Paris. Fairly easy in this first week.

Andy & Marina

We unpacked at the hotel, stored the bikes and took a walk to the metro. From here to the Champs de Elysees and on to the Eiffel Tower. Here I executed a plan that began in March see the video!

I am pleased to say she agreed!

We celebrated yesterday evening with a trip to and around Pigalle.

We called it a night about 0030hrs though it’s a day I didn’t ever want to end.

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