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Tracey and I made a very wise tactical decision last night. We decided that setting off at “normal time” 0730-0800hrs was suicidal as it means we would be ending the day at the hottest time. Now we are further south we are talking mid 40c which is frankly dangerous for exertion.

We therefore set the alarm for 0400hrs and were on the road at 0440hrs. It was 26c at this time and very manageable. We made excellent uninterrupted progress through towns with sleeping populations. The odd lorry or car now and then but very little until after 0630hrs.

We star gazed as we cycled, a beautiful fox ran over the road at one point he looked into our lights and then ran on. I’m just glad it was us on bikes and not a car. We see so many poor creatures killed by people in vehicles.

It was a very different and much safer experience for us snd will be our form until the last day before we cycle into Gibraltar.

We didn’t take too many photos as it was dark to begin with and we just wanted to get to Mengibar and relax.

We made it to the town just before 1000hrs and celebrated with a beer! The town centre is lovely and it’s nice to have a little time to appreciate it.

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