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I’m writing this the day after the 48th cycling day. We were absolutely worn out when we arrived in Santisteban def Puerto yesterday evening and any blog would have been complete gibberish.

We left our little wild camp in the straw field about 0820 – too late by far. The first part of the ride was ok but the last was to be an enormous challenge. Therefore an enormous success when we overcame it.

We cycled 12 miles into a town called Puente de Genave and sat in a cafe by a long central community area . Drinking cold drinks and eating pan tumaca – toasted bread with tomato, garlic , sea salt and olive oil – similar to the Italian bruschetta.

As far as Puente de Genave we had been on the flat or slight down hill, this maintained for the next 20 miles or so but then the climb began. This coincided with the hotter part of the day and made things very tricky. It was Tracey’s turn to suffer with the heat and it came on quite quickly. She suddenly started to feel dizzy. We got off the bikes and sheltered in the shade of an olive tree. Drank a lot of (hot) water with electrolyte powders added and waited for things to settle a little.

We continued on our way but stopped regularly after that and shot into olive groves or stopped in the shade of the odd tree near the road.

We have decided that our next ride will start at 0430 hrs so that hopefully we can avoided what is ahead – temperatures consistently above 40c by 1500 hrs.

In Santisteban del Puerto we found the hotel after cycling an extra 2 miles uphill on the wrong route.

When we finally made it to Hotel San Cristobal, the gentleman that runs the hotel was lovely and the room comfortable. We are now relaxing and planning the next couple of days. We have to look ahead at each day to plan water top ups and rest stops.


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