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We woke at about 0700hrs this morning, we knew that the day was going to be reasonable so we didn’t need to get up super early. We were however on the road by 0800hrs and heading for a small town where we hoped to find a coffee and a place to sit and make our breakfast .

This turned out to be a lovely little village called Masegoso where we went to a bar which was open when we arrived about 1000hrs. The people here were kind and friendly and the staff in the bar really tried to help the vegan in their midst which was massively appreciated. We even met a very nice family one of whom (Jane) was from Lancashire – this is not her fault and she was in fact very pleasant!!! I think I was so surprised to meet them and to be able to speak English that we forgot to take a photo.

This area is very beautiful there are lots of trees and the mountains seem to stretch on forever. That said the roads are good and the cycling is rewarding.

We passed through a number of towns in our route and stopped frequently in order to cool down and relax a little. Temps peaked at 32c today.

Tracey even did some washing in a communal laundry house in Presebre.

We called at one roadside bar and a customer chatted to me. He was a nice guy who was driving a big combine harvester. He asked if he could have a go on my bike and I let him. He was laughing his head off as he rode around the car park. His mate filmed the action. It was a lot of fun.

About 6 miles later we reached our goal for the day. We pitched the tent at the back of a tumble down old house in field with freshly bailed straw.

It is very picturesque here as you can see. We should have a nice settled evening but for a large flock of sheep that arrived on the scene at 2130! Hopefully the shepherd won’t make us leave or we have a problem.

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