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We left the comfort of the hotel in Albacete about 0900, did some shopping for the next couple of days as we will be wild camping and set off south west out of the city.

We were soon on wide open, long straight roads. Elevation wise we have an ongoing respite from the killer hills. That said and regarding the hill sections, I took inspiration from a personal hero of mine, Andy Smith who said the other day “Laugh like a man and get it sorted. Pain is temporary pride lasts forever”.

It’s hotting up again, 33c today and will continue to climb as we move south. We pace ourselves and drink huge volumes of water adding ORS as needed to boost electrolyte loss.

Plans for Gibraltar are coming together. Thanks in large to Andrew Flynn from our primary sponsor Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings (TGS). We are grateful to Andrew for his assistance and support.

We called into a town called Pozuelo about 1400. We planned to have a drink and a rest but it was shut. We timed it badly as it seems people generally rest at home at that time and work later in the evening. It was a nice looking town. Fortunately, we managed to find somewhere open in the next town along (only about 5 miles)

After a short break we carried on to the end of our days ride , some woods near a town called Casa de Lazaro . We found a lovely spot in the woods and pitched the tent. We are now settling down for an early night. Love to you all and thank you.

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