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We have heard lots of nice things about Valencia and are looking forward to arriving in the city a bit later today. We will have a day off tomorrow (planned). We are very ready for the day off not only to explore but to rest a little. I have had a week with tonsillitis and feeling rather grim. I’ve not made a big deal out of it as there was nothing to gain by doing so. It is however worth a mention now I’m definitely on the mend.

The ride into Valencia has been very good so far (I’m writing on a break with 15 miles to go). We have passed some impressive cacti , I certainly wouldn’t want to crash my bike into one of these babies!

We arrived at an amazing cycle route on the way into the city. This was so easy and safe. We saw people of all ages out enjoying exercise and family time . It was quite lovely. I am totally done with the bores back home who moan about cycle provision. It is part of the way forward for us all, safe lanes for bikes, e-bikes, scooters and e-scooters. Every single one of these is one less car.

We found our way to the Place we had booked. Just a room in a house but the hosts are lovely and the room is £15 / day!

After a brief rest, we caught the metro into Valencia centre and made our way to the spectacular old town. They are planning some major greening here. This seems to be a place that gets on with things rather than pandering to businesses that seem to feel that the world owes them a living – I am once again thinking of attitudes back in Harrogate.

They even have water bottle filling points (I have been asking for these at home since 2019! No joy thus far) .

Why is there always massive resistance / delay about doing the right thing?

Anyway, here are a couple of photos of this lovely place. We are going to explore a bit more now.

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