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Today we decided to get on with the ride with minimal breaks and just make it to Chilches so that we could have a decent rest. That said we took time to appreciate the scenery in the distance.

We passed through huge areas where the orange crop was finished and the limes were just about ready. It’s pretty amazing for us to see these growing as it’s not something we see in the UK. This caused an awkward situation yesterday when poor Tracey got off her bike to have a closer look at some fruit trees to try to figure what was growing . A car stopped and a woman began berating her for nicking fruit! Tracey quickly explained (gestures and added innocence face) that she was just looking and taking a photo (whatever fruit it was, they were tiny) and the woman settled herself and carried on. Cheek!

To be truthful there isnt a great deal else to report today. We made it into Chilches I spent time reading in the afternoon before we shopped and made dinner in the early evening.

We also spent time planning and clarifying the logistics of going home. I honesty hate having to make such plans with all this time and distance to go but there is a lot to do. The thought of this extraordinary experience coming to an end doesn’t thrill me. I will no doubt write more about the impact of the ride at a later date.

I will close now as I said to Tracey we should go for a quick beer in the town tonight and it’s 2130 now.

Thank you for your continued support as we progress on the Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings (TGS) stage of Ride to the Rock. Valencia tomorrow.

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