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We had breakfast in the centre square in Sant Mateu this morning. I fed some little sparrows who were watching us hopefully. They gleefully (as best as you can gauge glee in a sparrow) scoffed some cracker crumbs. After this we left the town and continued south.

The ride was pretty straightforward as we had taken a few miles off todays trip yesterday pushing into Sant Mateu.

The mountains ahead looked ominous as we progressed . We have day to day plans for the route all the way to Gibraltar. What this plan shows is that we do some serious climbing (over 33,000 feet in the Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings (TGS) stage from Barcelona to Gibraltar . That’s roughly the cruising altitude of a jet liner.

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Back to today and a short break in Les Coves de Vinroma for a coffee and a chance to admire the bikes. Pretty amazing pieces of kit really. They’ve put up with a lot , not least of all me! I’m probably cursing the whole ride from here onwards but so far not a single issue. Thanks once again to Rob at Pedalheads in Knaresbrough for ensuring the bikes were in perfect shape before we left.

From here it was 12 miles to the very nice Cabanes. We did some shopping, cooked some dinner and had a little walk around as the sun went down.

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