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We left the lovely Lo Flamenc guest house about 0830 and called for coffee on the way out of town. The place we went to was a supermarket called Ametller Origen and the staff were absolutely excellent , we got there about 20 minutes before they opened . We sat outside to wait but they said they would serve us right away. They later helped Tracey find some vegan food for me. Excellent place

Today was a lot more pleasant cycling. We are now off the big coastal roads and tourist areas and into smaller towns and villages. It is so nice to be able to relax on the bikes again and meet people properly.

We stopped in Ulldecona and watched the Swallows / Housemartins fly to and around their nests on the side of the church. They were beautiful. Tracey chatted to a lovely lady called Anita while we had a break and I pursued my ornithology dream.

Back on the road we went from beauty to misery as we passed multiple sheds housing poor broiler chickens. This will be the same in the UK. The industry shouldn’t hide this from the customer, this is reality and should be out there for all to see to help them make their life decisions.

We saw orange trees everywhere – where there weren’t orange trees there were olive trees .

Into Sant Mateu about 1700hrs. it’s been a nice day made so by being in among the small towns and away from the hustle & bustle.

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