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I am hoping that our friendly navigation software sorts itself out soon, it clearly has an issue with either me or Spain.

We set off earlier today on the road at 0800hrs and made fantastic progress along the sea front. We basically went in a straight line for 4 miles! We then had to turn inland for a while which was ok until one particular street and a roundabout where I was to take an exit that didn’t exist with no immediately clear options. I cannot explain how frustrating this was but the photo below probably demonstrates it reasonably well.

Ain’t that just life sometimes!

Eventually, I had to calmly explain to Tracey that I was feeling a degree of frustration and that it may be best for us to pursue a different route. (If you know me even vaguely you can picture the tranquility of my demeanour).

Tracey decided on a route out of the groundhog roundabout and we carried on. This route – taken out of necessity – was pretty busy but had a couple of highlights.

The ancient structure below (La Torre dels Escipions is a Roman repository for the urns of two important people. The figures on the outside are of protectors of the dead in the afterlife. It was a surprise to see this just off a busy road until we realised that the busy road follows the route of a 1st century Roman highway.

A little way up the road we stopped at a shop to buy some lunch. Here we met Bertrand (Bertie) a lovely man cycling from France to Portugal, through Spain and back to France. A very positive, friendly guy who really made our day in the short time we were together.

We arrived in Cambrils about 1700hrs. It is a nice seaside town. A holiday destination for most visitors. We had a nice dinner and are now relaxing. My scooter injury is fine. I now almost regret giving him an English lesson but then …..

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