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In theory, yesterday was to be a straightforward 40 mile run from Cambrils instead it looked like it was going to evolve into a reboot of the “Wrong Turn”.

Things went well – as they do at first. A nice ride along the beach front shifted to the road after about 4 miles. Since we arrived in Spain we have had to use Kamoot in its ‘road cycling’ mode because the ‘cycle touring’ routes became consistently impassable. Today Kamoot outdid itself. It took us onto an access road that progressively worsened. On one hill we were focusing so much on not falling off that we missed a turn. I eventually realised my error and we found the route – through a pitch black tunnel.

In true gentleman style – ladies first into the void.

When we got to the other side, the route took us to a beach with about 50 steps to get off it. Absolutely no chance of cycling so we went back through the cavern of doom and planned a route ourselves on the map. This was ok but had a descent on rubble at about 45 degrees to get to the road we needed.

Finally we made it back to a proper road and the planned route. I felt pretty weary by the time we arrived in Amposta. We were heading to a guest house there anyway as it’s a rest day tomorrow.

It was pouring with rain as we arrived , we were soaked to the skin which was unpleasant as I was still feeling a bit under the weather. I took a couple of paracetamol and we braved the ongoing rain and went for dinner.

We will be relaxing tomorrow, there is A market here so we will look around that . The next day we push on towards Valencia (4 days away).

The Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings (TGS) stage is going well as is the vital fundraising. Please share our challenge with your friends and colleagues.

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