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We had a look at the weather and the route this morning and decided to push on a little further. It is a much cooler day today with cloud cover and even the occasional shower. All very welcome.

By cycling a little further than we planned (Sant Celoni was our original end point) we will shorten our ride into Barcelona tomorrow. We have lots of social engagements planned for the city which is lovely.

We had a very nice experience first thing this morning . We were cycling down Carrer Barcelona, Looking for somewhere for breakfast when we came across Restaurant Estanc l’Avellaneda. We went to terrace area at the back and a nice lady brought us a menu. It was however in Catalan and a bit tricky for us . Fortunately Marc (see photo) came to our rescue. He spoke fantastic English and guided us through the options that could be vegan. We chose 2 fantastic quinoa, chickpea and spinach burgers, a great salad, coffee and fresh orange. Absolutely perfect start to the day made so by a friendly, kind and exceptionally personable young man.

The day was as usual guided by Komoot, our navigation software. As I’ve mentioned before, it sometimes gets a bit carried away with itself. Today it took us along a route that shadowed a major road. This meant it was at least direct. However, the road we were on looks like it was an access road when they built its big brother and has been neglected ever since. It varied between tarmac, compacted mud, gravel and sand . This made for an interesting ride especially in the afternoon when the heat turned up.

Finally into Cardedeu later than planned but alive!

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