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The least interesting journey so far. Totally our doing. We decided to take the most direct route from Figueres to Girona. This meant much of the ride was on fairly uninspiring main road.

That said I came across an odd reminder from my Amsterdam to Barcelona walk 11 years ago. The Bar / Restaurant Santa Anna. Singularly uninteresting and frankly bland but non the less it is relevant to me. A decade ago I was walking down this road (the N11) with about a week to go before I arrived in Barcelona. I was caught in a torrential downpour. There was no chance of pitching a tent and I was nearing the end of my days walk (I had planned to wild camp). I walked around a bend in the road and there was the Santa Anna, I stayed there and remember cleaning the floor of a load of grass that I’d somehow managed to trail in. I tried to dry my kit but it was so humid it was still damp the next day. This was the first and last really heavy rain of my 1500 mile walk. I guess that’s why the day and the Santa Anna are so vivid in my mind.

At the risk of being repetitive and boring – it’s hot, 34c here at the moment. We are currently on a break in a petrol station eating ice lolly’s. Just 10 miles to Girona and a proper cool down.

I achieved the cool-down in Girona with the aid of vegan ice cream at Madonna’s . It was amazing. It so happens they have a shop in Barcelona – 2 days

We also sorted a minor issue with my bike at DOSOFFTRACK bike workshop. Excellent service from Boris. Good to know there is at least one Boris that isn’t a total waste of space.

We then went for what was supposed to be a relaxing drink but was more like a combat zone. Bangers started going off about 1930 in the run up to an FC Girona football match. I nearly jumped out of my skin when the first went off.

The old town of Girona is very picturesque and also easy to walk around with loads of independent shops thriving on pedestrianised streets. We have been to many towns like this. Hopefully Harrogate will be going in this direction soon. It’s success depends on customers however. If you buy your stuff on Amazon / at supermarkets, don’t expect your local town to have independent shops. It’s pretty logical really.

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