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What a day. We had breakfast, cleaned the flat – thank you again Andre and Isabelle (and Michel and Sylvie) and left Collioure with very fond memories.

We knew we were going to climb today and climb we did. The Pyrenees fade at the coast but we caught the tail of them.

We cycled the coast for a while before heading inland and towards the border at the top of Col de Banyuls. The climb from sea level is extremely challenging especially with fully loaded touring bikes coming in at 40kg! Add to this a total git of a headwind. We cycled most of the ascent but it was inevitable that we had to push the bikes some of the way. The weather contributed to the challenge, it was about 33c when we got to the top.

Before the big climb we passed vineyards and cacti , some of the latter had beautiful yellow flowers.

We climbed from the coast in the far distance.

The photos (& video below) gives only a vague idea of the challenge but this is why we are doing this, to EARN YOUR DONATIONS.

We finally made it to the top of a very windy Col de Banyuls and the Spanish border. There is no customs post it’s just a road and some graffiti – and a lot of wind.

A big downhill followed. We passed fields of sunflower’s which are always incredibly beautiful.

On into Figueres. We wanted to arrive in time to visit the Salvador Dali museum which is absolutely amazing. If you are ever in this area it is a definite ‘must visit’.

A very tough day on the bikes, one of the hardest we have had but with a treat at the end. Three days to Barcelona.

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