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It has been a tough ride at times today. We left the campsite in Saint Pierre and it was easy for the first few miles. About 10 miles in I recognised some of the scenery from 11 years ago when I was walking from Amsterdam to Barcelona. The estuaries around Narbonne are quite distinctive. It was odd to have this sudden realisation that a decade before I had walked the roads I was now cycling.

Shortly after this we left roads and hit gravel paths with patches of sand add to this some big gusts of headwind. Tricky and slow to cycle.

The people at Komoot (our navigation app) have a great sense of humour. I hope one day I get to thank them in person ( 壘 )

We made it to Laucate in decent time snd found the municipal campsite, pitched the tent and headed for La Mer!

We chatted to Titouan a young lad working the bar in a beach front joint. He is going into the army soon (he wants to be a Para) and we talked about that and what a big decision it is and it’s implications.

In summary, another very satisfying day, we hit our goal, saw some nice scenery, met someone setting out on a dream that we hope stays safe. We carry on tomorrow to Collioure a real treat that I will tell you about when we arrive.

My foot is looking loads better and I am going to take it and the rest of my ripped physique (work in progress!) into the Mediterranean now. First time this trip.

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