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We had a lovely day in Nimes yesterday, did our wading in the morning spent the afternoon sightseeing and relaxing. Back on the road today and heading to Mauguio- a stones throw from the Mediterranean but we haven’t quite seen it yet.

We left Nimes late today as we wanted to relax at the hotel and enjoy our breakfast without rushing. It was easy navigation out of the city and soon we were cycling in very hot 33c open countryside. Parched foliage and dry fields are testament to the ongoing drought in this area.

In order to maintain their crops, farmers have various water distribution systems. Irrigation hoses and sprinklers dot the landscape.

As we were cycling along with a wind from the east, a fine spray of water enveloped us. Sadly this was not normal water as we could smell immediately, it was farm slurry. Nothing quite like the refreshing feeling of liquid faeces to buoy the spirits on a hot day.

Shit shower!

We washed as best as possible using our precious water supply and carried on. Ironically, in the next town – Lunel I saw this photo of the fine to be levied upon a dog owner if their four legged friend lays a cable in the town. Somewhere in the locale a farmer owes Tracey and I a minimum of €150.

We had a quick drink in Lunel before pushing on into Mauguio on the fantastic cycle route.

The town looks lovely, we sat in square near the Hotel de Ville – town hall and drank cold Perrier with lemon juice. Heavenly!

Back in La Rousses (just before we went to Geneva) we met Michel and Sylvie. They very kindly spoke to their friends Andre and Isabelle here in Mauguio who have generously offered to host us tonight (I will need to make sure the offer still stands post shit shower!)

I wrote the above earlier. We met Andre and Isabelle in the early evening and they are absolutely charming. They kindly took us to a large estuary – The Etange de l’Or (pond of gold). Here we saw beautiful flamingo and an equally beautiful sunset.

After this lovely outing we ate and chatted. They truly are wonderful people. Kind, caring and incredibly welcoming. We are grateful to Michel and Sylvie for putting us in touch and introducing us to two new friends.

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