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My day began badly, about 0300 I had to get out of the tent and go to the loo. I stood to put on my shoe outside the tent, lost my balance and slammed the sole of my left foot onto a tent peg. I now have a puncture wound to dress after painfully cleaning it this morning.

I slept again till 0730 when hauled ourselves out of our sleeping bags and started packing up. After a breakfast of baked beans, potatoes, mushrooms and bread we washed up and set off.

We stopped at 1140 to talk to the very lovely Jonathan Cowap from BBC Radio York. Jonathan has spoken to Tracey and I a few times in the lead up to and during the ride. He is always interested and is a pleasure to talk to . He was very empathetic re the tent peg incident. Both Lego and plugs were mentioned!

Onwards through Bourg Saint Andeol where we stopped for a drink and sorbet. It was roasting hot today. Windy but hot 27c

After this we passed beautiful fields of Barley and Lavender. The barley looked amazing blowing in the wind.

We arrived at the La Coquille Campsite about 1730 and the very lovely lady provided beer and a rest before we finally put up the tent.

We finished the day with a chat to Randell Green. Randell runs the superb podcast “Any Given Runway”. I spoke to him a couple of years ago – very much pre Covid-19. It was lovely to catch up with him today and to introduce him to Tracey. He asked us a number of superb , intelligent questions about my work with Médecins Sans Frontières and our fundraising projects. The show should be available from Monday and I will post links as soon as I have them.

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