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A nice day riding today. 90% of the time the wind was at our back which is a dream. I recall confident proclamations that it would be like this as we rode through Kansas in 2016 yet we cycled the full state with a headwind! The opposite of fun. 💨🚴🏼

The sun shone as we made our way to along the river Rhone. Excellent signage and cycle paths made this section of our ride a real highlight.

We met some fellow cyclists along the way. At one point we stopped to talk to one chap called Don from London, we were soon joined by Stephan from Germany, a lovely Swiss couple and another lad from Germany. We all had our stories and our goals. It’s lovely to meet these inspiring people on the road. I have written about others as we have cycled.

We carried on over a few bridges – this was definitely a theme for the day. We swam in a river to cool off on the afternoon. we certainly cooled off, it was very chilly but also exhilarating.

We saw young grapes on the vine as we neared our destination. Amazing to see all this wonderful fruit .

Into Châteauneuf-du-Rhône about 1730 and we found the municipal campsite easily. Just €10 with everything we need. We walked into town a little way and had pizza for tea. We are now settled in the tent. It’s a windy night and the tent is getting battered but it’s dry and we are fine .

As ever, thank you for all of your kind messages on social media. Your support is absolutely invaluable to us .

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