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What began as a gray, wet day turned around significantly in the afternoon.

We left the campsite late, about 0930. The rain started about 1000. Although it was light rain it hits harder with the forward momentum of the bikes. We were soon pretty soaked. Fortunately, our clothes are quick drying so when it did finally ease off we soon dried out.

Todays highlights are some nice people, no big stories, just friendly people whose stories or personalities brightened our lives. A German guy called Tomas who has completed a dream bike ride that we will never be able to do because of Brexit – The North Cape to Sicily an amazing experience. A grandmother and her granddaughters who liked meeting two English people and were totally charming.

Some beautiful donkeys that I didn’t want to leave. They were clearly well loved, had loads of space and food and a nice bed.

We passed a number of fruit trees, cherries and apricots. Some of the Apricots fell off the tree as we passed and it would have been a crime for them to go to waste.

The extraordinary beauty of a field full of lavender was matched only by the incredible smell. Absolutely glorious.

On we went and into Valence quite late. We had taken our time which is something we have at the moment. This is both refreshing and food for thought.

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