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It was difficult to say goodbye to our beautiful friends Jean-Baptiste and Sophie this morning. We enjoyed breakfast together before reassembling the panniers on the bikes and saying our goodbyes.

We very much look forward to welcoming these lovely, kind people to Harrogate.

There were many moving and memorable things that happened in the two days we were reunited. Among them, a note I wrote to them 11 years ago thanking them for their kindness. It was kept in a frame surrounded by photos of them and their family. I was and remain staggered that anyone could see something I have written or done as significant enough to warrant such an honour.

We cycled out of Grenoble with mixed emotions, sad to leave our friends but it is nice to travel and see more of this remarkable country. The scenery remains breathtaking as we followed the river Isere South West.

In the foreground of the photo of a mountainside and river, you can just make out something white in the water. This was a car!

Not a recent event but a bad day for the driver.

Into Vinay and we decided it was time for some personal maintenance – haircuts all round!

We left here and passed through plantations of walnut trees. I had no idea what they looked like until today. (The photo of the ‘open’ pod is from the internet)

Shortly after we took these photos we passed a field with some beautiful furry pigs sleeping and keeping cool. They were beautiful.

We decided to stay on a camp site near Saint Marcellin tonight. It was on the route in the right place and it’s nice to have facilities if it fits with our plans.

Goodnight to you all, especially to Jean-Baptiste and Sophie and my lovely Mum who is having surgery tomorrow.

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