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I’m writing yesterdays blog today as we were gleefully distracted by a wonderful reunion yesterday.

11 years ago I was walking up a steep hill near Monteynard with an 18kg (40lb) back pack weighing me down. I had already walked about 800 miles of a 1500 mile trek from Amsterdam to Barcelona. As I walked I noticed a someone leaning on a car about 100 metres ahead of me. A few minutes later, I met Jean Baptiste for the first time. We chatted about the journey and it’s purpose and the challenge of the mountains . JB had seen the cover on my backpack advertising the walka2b and it piqued his interest.

He kindly offered me a place to pitch my tent and a meal with his fiancé and her dad. Soon I had walked to the house where I met Sophie and her very kind dad Patrice.

I remember sitting outside eating lovely salad and chatting to my new friends.

11 years, a marriage for them, an engagement for me and a whole bunch of life events later. Here we are again.

We arrived in Grenoble at 1400 after a very easy 26 mile ride from our lay-by. It was so nice to see Sophie and Jean Baptiste in the street as we arrived. The hugs and conversation flowed easily, I introduced Tracey to these special people and she could see immediately why I spoke so highly of them.

We had coffee and then travelled across town to the remarkable Fort de la Bastille a 264 metres climb from the valley floor. The views from here are absolutely spectacular. It is like standing on top of the world. I’d estimate a 30 mile view south down the valley following the river Isere south.

From here we went back into Grenoble and to the best Indian restaurant I have been to for a long time.

We ended the night with Chartreuse which at 60% abv changed my perception of reality! Small measures only! We decided at this point to accept the very kind offer to stay an extra day in Grenoble.

It is so lovely to see Sophie and Jean Baptiste and for them to meet Tracey. Beautiful people inside and out.

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