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Today was the polar opposite of yesterdays hilly ride. We cycled over 50 miles (riding 40kg bikes with the kit). It’s been roasting this afternoon and although it was pretty flat, the heat was a challenge. It was also beautiful. The Alps dominate every scene here. This is such a beautiful part of the world yet it is changing.

I read this article in the guardian today. Tracey and I were discussing this as we cycled.

Whilst on the subject of climate change I also read about the Jet d’ eau in Geneva. I marvelled at it when in the city but on the last day I read about it’s massive power consumption and consequent cost to the environment. I was thinking about how the money could be better used for people / environment and what a statement it would be for the Geneva authorities to turn it off for these reasons.

£421,000 a year!

“Five hundred litres (130 US gal) of water per second are jetted to an altitude of 140 metres (460 ft) by two 500 kW pumps, operating at 2,400 V, consuming one megawatt of electricity (3,000,000 KWh and costing 510,000 CHF (£421,000) per year)”

So, here are todays favourite views . Sorry if this feels repetitive. I guess it is but I’m so blown away by the beauty of this area. Bear with me , I’ll be banging on about the Mediterranean soon!

We dropped into a supermarket about 30 mins before we stopped for the day. I was waiting for Tracey outside snd thinking ‘when I go to Morrisons is Starbeck, the view does not rival this place’. That said, Yorkshire Tea is blended a stones throw away from Morrisons so I suppose that makes up for the lack of Alpine views.

But they don’t have Yorkshire tea!

We finally called it a day about 5 miles later. We found a lay-by with a nearby grass bank and some trees shielding us from the road . We pitched our tent and that’s us.

Grenoble and a reunion with my friends Jean Baptiste and Sophie tomorrow. I met them 11 years ago when I was walking Amsterdam to Barcelona. I am looking forward to seeing them again and introducing Tracey .

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