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The winding river caught me out today and I ended up walking a bit further than I thought. It was worth it just to see these beautiful swans there were 6 micro swans.

It was a nice walk into Melun but the city is bigger than I thought. I was helped by a lovely lady called Sophie and I would like to thank her for being there when I was in need.

I didn’t make a big deal of it yesterday but I fell over and hurt my hand. It feels a lot better today and will be fine I’m sure. When I fell no one stopped to help me and I was feeling a bit dismayed about that. Sophie has made the world right again – it’s that easy !

I’m back in the woods Tomorrow night and the next night so I went for a good feed in town tonight. I’m now back in the hotel. A nice red wine to settle with.

I’ll be following the Seine for the final day tomorrow. It’s been very nice to walk along this famous river. I passed the site of General Pattons August ’44 river crossing today. History really is everywhere here.

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