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A great day off today. We did housekeeping jobs early and quickly. While the washing was being done I went for a haircut- interesting to sort in French. The hairdressers here also insist on humiliating me by showing me the back of my bonce in a mirror – yep, despite your magic it’s still bald flower.

We decided that this is too important a place historically not to look around a bit more.

Only 7 km from here in the woods. World War 1 officially ended. A railway carriage was the venue for the signing of the armistice that ended this most awful of conflicts. That was in 1918. In June 1940 Hitler and his twisted sense of revenge insisted that the French sign the documents of surrender in the same railway carriage and at the same place. Compiegne is forever linked to both world wars.

One of the places we visited today was an internment camp in the Second World War. It was also a deportation centre. From 1942-44 39,564 people were sent to hellish fates in places like Dachau, Sachsenhausen and Auschwitz. Their crimes? None- merely not accepting occupation and being part of the resistance,being Jewish, having undesirable political views , the list goes on.

The Royallieu camp was a very moving place to visit, we were there for a long time listening to the testimony of those who were persecuted.

We were still talking about our day over another meal at the Lebanese place. Great place for vegans and I took full advantage. Both Sara and I have enjoyed this place.

Heading south again tomorrow, 3 days to Paris !

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