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From the start I want to explain the photo:

Doctors Without Borders do not explicitly support Extinction Rebellion. I do. Doctors Without Borders do however have an organisational approach to the disaster that is climate change.

Please take a look at THIS LINK to understand why an international medical organisation considers this issue so vital.

As an individual I entirely support the global protests to draw attention to this issue and demand action from our politicians. They have failed us for too long. I have been signing petitions, campaigning with Greenpeace et al since the late 80s and nothing has changed. At some point decent people have to stand up and say – no more. The politicians have failed us, big business puts £€¥$ before planet and sadly the media is too easily distracted or distracting.

I can’t , nor do I wish to tell people what to do but I can ask, please support Extinction Rebellion, we must act – NOW

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