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Thank you to everyone who came to the first talk last night. I love you , every man jack of you  . I am sorry that the room became rather uncomfortable due to crowding , it is hard to say how many people will attend these things and it could have gone either way . I hope those who stood in the doorway were able to see ok and sorry to those who were turned away.

I will be planning more of these sessions over the next few months and i hope they continue to interest people. Some very useful advice and ideas last night , I will be looking into all of the suggestions and I want to again thank everyone for their enthusiasm.

I actually enjoyed it once I had presented the first few slides.  I think a lot of that was down to the people who were there . We had one curious incident when a couple entered the room , apologised for being late and then asked if this was the Reiki class. Despite my invite they refused to stay . No pleasing some people.

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