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I was harassed by a bear last night. Noone can prove it wasn’t a bear so I’m sticking to my claim. If pressed I’d compromise to a wolf. About 3 times I heard something moving in the bushes next to the tent. I didn’t see anything but it definitely sounded bear like – a grizzly most likely.

I walked the 26 km to Sisteron in the ongoing roasting heat. I think I’ll stop mentioning it as of now as it is going to be par for the course till Barcelona I suspect.

Sisteron is lovely I went to the huge Citadel which afforded this great view of an amazing rock formation. My friend Gisele told me about the big rock and she is right it is very impressive.

On a related but slightly odd note you will notice another much smaller rock photo. This one was by the roadside in a seemingly random place. The odd thing being that it isn’t real – it is made of fibre glass and had what looked like a speaker grill in it’s side. Any ideas?

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