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It has been a day of fantastic views, sweat, nerves and wonderful people.

I left Clairvaux les lacs at 0900 stopping on the way from town to look back at the beautiful view of the Great lake.

I pressed on for 2 hours before stopping in a meadow to wait for the call from the Beeb. I had a nice chat with Mr Cowap and would once again like to thank the lovely people at BBC Radio York for the interest and help they have given to the walk especially Trisha who I have pestered a plenty.

About 4 hours later I was making good progress along a mountain road when a car stopped. The lady driving asked me about the walk and was clearly very interested. She invited me to share dinner with her and her family.

I could not have met a more delightful group of people Genevieve, George, Sam and Charlie, I thank you for an unforgettable evening.

I have said it before and again tonight, whatever the views are like, it’s the people that are making this the very best of times.

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