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Day 52 

78 miles

A grey and foggy start to the day, it was however a sure bet that it would end up with clear blue sky and roasting heat and sure enough it did. 

We left Chester on our own route. From here to New York we are travelling a route that we planned last year on a mix of online mapping and hard copy maps bought for cross checking. The roads were a mix of highways and country back roads both paved and as you see above gravel. 

I have to say I am extremely pleased with how it went. We didn’t make a single error and navigated the 78 miles easily and without too much stress. 

We called at a town called Oakdale about half way here for grub and lots to drink. We found a lovely cafe that had a salad bar which was both welcome and highly unusual. 

We stopped again in a place called Richview as we were running out of water. We found a garage run by the lovely DeeDee and Duane who were so kind . Not only did they supply us with all the cold water we needed (and a beer) but they also helped us clean oil from road resurfacing off our tyres. This was so good of them because the oil fills the treads, picks up grit and clatters against our mudguards. 

Onwards to Dix and the end of our day. A long ride but this will be the normal from here on in. We can do it, we have such wonderful support both in the US, UK and many other places. We are very lucky but also very determined. 

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