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A long hilly walk today to get to St Laurent. It has however been thoroughly spectacular with consistently beautiful scenery that distracted me from the pain!

Towering hills dwarfed the small villages in the valleys I walked through. Pine trees and their fresh smell added to the pleasure of walking.

I walked part of a Roman road at the historic site de St Christophe la Grottes which was very nice.

I was trying to take a bearing shortly after this but noticed that my compass was fluctuating wildly. It took me a minute to realise that my phone which was in the map case was driving it bonkers- you live & learn.

I’m going on to Grenoble tomorrow but have to chat with the tourist office staff first about the minor road I’m heading out on. It has 3 tunnels and is also mapped as a “prohibited” road whatever this means. Hopefully it doesn’t involve snipers or CS gas. The alternatives are a major road or a secondary road that will add about 15km to the day- fun.

There is however a music festival in Grenoble which I am hoping to check out.

Dentist 23rd 0900. Thanks Evelyne you are great.

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