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Burlesque Without Borders is back! 26th April sees the seventh presentation of the show that just gets better and better.

BWB is THE best Burlesque show in Yorkshire and has so far raised over £7000 for Doctors Without Borders.

Gracing the stage at BWB 7 are:

Our lovely Compere :

Snappy O’ Shea

Burlesque by :

Eliza Beau,
Poppy Pout,
Snow de la Flake,
Sir Midnight Blues,
The Honey B’s,
Lily la belle feat. Andy Dennis

Music: The Leeds City Stompers

We have a fantastic range of stalls at the back of the hall these include:

Baladi Bazaar
Corsets by Julie/Stubbo’s Prop Shop
Burlesque Nylons by YLJ Designs
Maisie Martini

Its going to be amazing!

We are often asked about the low cost of admission the show. We have been told many times that we undercharge. We do this deliberately however. We want the audience to decide the value of our show on top of a base level. When you are inside, if you like what you see, feel free to empty your purse / wallet in the general direction of the charity buckets, you can always say “keep the change” for a cupcake!

Please click HERE for your tickets.

We thank you for attending our night and for supporting the charity.

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